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Topic Overview

Activate Your Profit Chakras

Understand the blocks that are holding you back and unlock the secrets to creating the ultimate Spiritual Business Success!

  • Discover which of your profit chakras is blocked and how this is keeping you, broke, your business struggling and your message dying silent inside you.
  • Exactly why you feel so guilty about charging for your spiritual services and how to free yourself from this
  • A simple step by step process to bring your divinely inspired ideas into reality now.
  • The THREE easy ways to activate your profit chakras to create a flow of clients and money
  • What the Bible and other spiritual teachings REALLY say about money, and how they have been misquoted to keep you broke and powerless.

TOPIC: The Divine Evolution of Society

Discover the underlying spiritual cause behind all major shifts in society, including those that seem ‘negative’ and their
true purpose.

  • You’ll learn about the qualities of highly evolved beings, and how you can begin integrating those same qualities to amplify your spiritual progress.
  • You’ll find out how society is evolving into a spiritually-centered force today. Once you understand this new paradigm, predicting the future of society becomes possible.

TOPIC: Becoming An Abundant Spiritual Leader

How to awaken your connection to Source, activate your Conscious Leader PowerCentres and become the spiritual leader you were meant to be, plus create the  abundance you deserve…while still staying true to your divine power.

  • Gain insights that can free you from the chains of spiritual pain, and help you unlock your Conscious Leader PowerCentres™ so you can live the life you were meant to have!
  • Experience true spiritual power, discover your own divine power, raise your vibration to live more authentically as a part of source, and use your spiritual energy to create transformation in yourself and in those around you.
  • How to release spiritual pain that can hold you back from a life of fulfilment and joy.
  • Get profound insights about the nature of spiritual pain, and learn how you can quickly and effortlessly release it…so you can finally experience the divine within yourself and enjoy abundance in money, career, relationships, and much more.

TOPIC: The True Power of Sexual Energy

Discover the hidden power of sexual energy and how to harness it to increase your wealth AND experience better orgasms!

  • How to empower your professional and entrepreneurial skills and gain a massive boost in your motivation and success at work.
  • The huge opportunity just waiting for you so you can change your world and transform your life into something beautiful.
  • The vital importance of connecting consciousness, love and sex. If you’re able to connect these elements, you can experience a powerful and miraculous transformation that will make you reborn with more charisma and magnetism than ever before!
  • How closely spiritual ecstasy and sexual bliss are connected and how this energy can be harnessed to open your third eye so you become psychic beyond imagination.
  • The effective way to harness and transmute your inner sexual energy and to transform it into the things that you most desire.

TOPIC: Simple Steps to Spiritual Awakening

Understand the mechanics of your soul and learn a guaranteed way for you to awaken spirituality, easily, without guesswork, or much of the usual pain, problems and meltdowns that can often occur along the way.

Are YOU feeling the pull to grow spiritually… but don’t want to feel like you’ve gone to the “woo” side?

  • A simple, scientifically based mechanism for connecting to your Higher Self, even if you feel like you’ve tried everything
  • A deeper understanding of why spiritual phenomena really happen… and why you’ve suddenly begun to notice them.
  • The 3 biggest myths that persist regarding awakening and deepening your spiritual connection to Source.
  • How you can claim the keys to your own spiritual awakening…without abandoning logic and reason!
  • How to use your intuition to make better decisions in your personal and business life.
  • And much more!

“Lisa inspires and captivates the audience.”

Lisa inspires and captivates the audience.  I thoroughly recommend her to others looking to wow their audience.

Jemma Prittie, Solar Events

“Polished & engaging presentation”

Lisa gave a polished, engaging presentation, filled with great content to our 150 delegates. She’s a charismatic and refreshing speaker.

Neil Fellowes, Event MC

“Captures a room”

Lisa captures a room, fills it with energy and carries her audience on a journey of awe and inspiration.

Sara Price  – Renaissance Life

What an amazing presence she is!

Lisa has now spoken at 2 of my events; a development presentation on Intuition at a Network event and then as a Keynote speaker at our Conference. What an amazing presence she is! Delivers her message in such an engaging and humorous way, had the audience hanging on every word. Great feedback afterwards from participants and can’t wait to find another excuse to listen to Lisa speaking. Thoroughly recommend.

Gill Donnell, MBE, Founder of the Successful Women in Business Network