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There are two ways to receive high level guidance and support from Lisa.

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Lisa works at the level of your higher self.  As a result of working together you will achieve the next level of life mastery and spiritual ascension in a form that is perfect for you at this time.

The purpose of life, in its highest form, is for you as an individual to expand your neurology to the state where you can allow the maximum amount of Life Force Presence within and flow Life Force Energy.

 Initiation is an experience where you expand your neurology, your energy body, consciousness and entire being so that you are able to access and use more life force energy and optimise Life Force Presence Within

 Willingness to do deep work to achieve spiritual awakening, energy and higher consciousness, is the single most important factor for success in life.

Not only will this include your inner spiritual work, but equally important, how you express that practically in the world.  Either as a coach, in your business and work, relationships, or whichever way is most ideal for you to express your spiritual and life purpose.

Customer Love

"I can't thank Lisa enough for my own transformation and how that has changed everything for my family and my clients."

Samantha Jung-Fielding

"Psycademy is a place to come for transformation. No doubt"

Olimpia Modorcea

"I highly recommend the Psycademy programmes to give you strategies, techniques and tools that you can use for the rest of your life."

Simone Mitjams

"I feel more plugged into the grid, letting the energy flow. I am more energised and fabulously lack the fear I had."

Sian Ainsworth

“3 days of explosive information”

Wow! What can I say? Just mindblowing! 3 days of explosive information, well, transformation is more the word because that’s what it’s all about and this is just the beginning. I’m on that journey, so watch this space.”

Camilla Munsadia

“Absolutely packed with brilliant content”

I’ve just spent 3 days with Lisa Turnerand I’m pushed to say which was the best part of the 3 days because it was absolutely packed with brilliant content. Practical, spiritual, esoteric, esoterically practical, spiritually practical! If you’ve never come across Lisa Turner before, you’re in for a real treat. And if you do know Lisa Turner, you’re still in for a treat, because she’s warm, extremely well-read, highly researched and extremely wise. It’s been a brilliant 3 days – I highly recommend it.

Michael Trigg

“It will just transform your life”

I’ve just completed this wonderful course. It is for those who want to know about expanding in their life and this course will give you all that you need for that. It is truly mindblowing, exciting and really worth doing. It will just transform your life.

Nancy Haigh

“Very empowering and enlightening”

I’ve just done the course and can honestly say it’s transformational. Very empowering and enlightening. Lots of aha moments and some wonderful people. And I’m really looking forward to taking that forward and developing my own spiritual practice further as a result.”

Keith Corbett

“Pretty phenomenal!”

“I’ve just done the 3 day event with Lisa Turner, and… pretty phenomenal! It’s the first 3 day event that I’ve been to where I’ve never felt drained or down afterwards. Very energising, very powerful. So many shifts and changes.”

Claire Bagehot

“Blown away by the experience”

“I’ve just attended the course and I’m feeling absolutely overwhelmed and blown away by the experience. It’s been absolutely incredible and I’ve worked through so much stuff in such a short amount of time. I’d recommend it to anyone and would just like to say thank you Lisa.”

Kirstie Dickinson

“I’ve gained HUGE amounts”

I’ve just finished the “Spiritual Practitioner Secrets Live” course. I had no idea what to expect, no preconceptions of what I was going to gain from it, and I’m leaving not knowing exactly what I have gained, but knowing I’ve gained HUGE amounts. So much self learning and so many ideas about the future and where I want to go. I’m on a journey to learn more and I want to thank you all very very much.

Camilla Clayton

“I feel more plugged into the grid, letting the energy flow. I am more energised and fabulously lack the fear I had.”

Sian Ainsworth

“I’m no longer walking in fear and today after 45 years I can finally say I love myself.”

6 months ago I stumbled upon Lisa Psycademy on Facebook.

I was a hot mess and very much in victim role. I was physically allowing fibromyalgia to consume my life. I couldn’t find work nor did I have transportation. I couldn’t afford her programs that desperately wanted to be a part of. I looked forward to her no one guide emails and longed to be a part.

Then Lisa started posting videos and I watched every one.

Lisa is different from all the rest as she gives you practical information and she teaches spirituality from a place of genuine love of wanting others to experience a happy healthier life.

Not to mention her bubbly straight forward non bs approach that show she does care about your success.

Fast forward 6 months and I’m proud to say I have a wonderful job, where I’m appreciated and loved.

I am able to afford health care and get the medicine I need so I can be an active member of society.

I have purchased a car and I was able to join one of Lisa’s Master classes.

The best part is I understand my place and purpose. I’m no longer walking in fear and today after 45 years I can finally say I love myself.

Lisa ‘s Psycademy is the real deal!!!’

Bridget Ferrell Golding